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Tips For Preventing Car Battery Failure

As we know that one could not charge our car batteries every time. Since all batteries is acidic in india which contains danger acid in so while touching terminals of old battery be careful since as it contains current in it which could have capacity to give shock for you. Use dry cloth or rubber gloves as a protection while replacing or touching terminal of those battery. We all know Failure of car battery is unpredictable. Even a new car may have battery failure. So we can take some remedies in order to prevent this. a)Clean Battery Terminals: Cleaning of Battery Terminals regularly, can protect our battery from failure. The dirt and corrosion on the battery terminals may restrict the flow of electricity. So clean the battery terminal once in month. b) Start Vehicle before using the car accessories: Many of us having this bad habit. when we are sitting in the car by waiting someone, we may use to play music or the fan may running without starting th…

Tips on charging a car batteries.

There are some tips on charging car battery which as follows :
a) Trickel charger : According to trickel charger which charge your car battery slowly. Now since it charges your car battery slowly it will help to store current for lately I mean it will take time to charge your car battery which will charge safely. It consists od two rubber cords with a plug which you could install to an source which provide it current to your car battery. And will provide safely. b) Cleanterminal: As I said before dont touch car batteries through bare hand use protection for touching battery of car. Always clean the terminal of car battery by removing it from car safely and prevent it from rusting ( this rusting of terminal could be due to acidic constrain which get deposited near terminal of battery) because of car battery terminal could provide damages to car or even short-circuit it while making your car on suddenly. Thus always clean it by wet cloth with a solution of cooking soda or baking soda dipp…

How to maintain car batteries for better service!

Car batteries are the first and foremost requirement to start the car! Battery ditch can really put you into problems. So it is very very necessary to maintain your car battery that it has a good shelf life and give proper service always!
Some tips that could help are -
a) Always keep check on the battery acid levels. Batteries without water can lose charge and it also reduces battery life!
b) Check for the proper connection of terminals. Loose connections tend to disconnection of the alternator ( which charges battery and powers electrical devices in car) .
c) During winters, start the car at least once a day. This helps the battery to keep working and gain charge.
d) Check for the proper working of alternator. It must work always to keep the battery running and prevents battery failure.
e) The terminals should always be carbon free. Carbon inhibits proper current flow which reduces battery life.
f) Factory charging - The car battery must be charged using chargers meant for it at least once…

The Best Car Battery Reviews and Buying Guide

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